Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yesterday I Learned: Juggernaut

I was at the Decatur Farmer's Market (local organic stuff every Wednesdays at Church and Commerce) yesterday and one of the sellers had on a hat with this symbol on it:

I mentioned that it was interesting, and he started telling me about how it is the symbol of a Hindu god named Jagannath... which is also the word that "juggernaut" is derived from because of this ceremony:

The english word juggernaut means "a force regarded as unstoppable, that will crush all in its path."

Actually the above clip is from Phantom India, which I've linked to before on this blog. I guess it keeps coming up.


Anonymous said...

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Jimmy? said...

Hi Anonymouses,

Hope y'all aren't spam. Why don't you leave a name next time? If these comments were genuine, then thank you very much.